The Dead Pool (1988)

dead pool

This week on Alcohollywood, we’re delving into the world of Dirty Harry with his fifth, final and most unfortunate installment, The Dead Pool! Join hard-boiled detective Harry Callahan (a rapidly aging and crotchety Clint Eastwood) and his new Asian sidekick as they solve a series of murders related to a betting pool called The Dead Pool.

Along the way, enjoy early roles from Patricia Clarkson (as Harry’s reporter love interest), Liam Neeson (as an effete British director/prime suspect) and Jim Carrey (as a strung-out rock star who becomes one of the killer’s first victims). This cop movie is mired in 80s excess, and a creaky Clint Eastwood; luckily, however, we’ve got the drink and the rules to get you through it – take a listen and hear our thoughts!


THIS EPISODE’S DRINK: Sudden Magnum Pool Enforcer

dead pool cocktail2 parts Irish whiskey

1 part Cointreau

1 part apple juice

2 parts black coffee

1 tbsp. caramel syrup

dash, cayenne pepper

Combine; if served hot, stir. If served cold, shake.



  1. Every time someone fires a gun
  2. Any timea character prefaces someone’s name with their title or position
  3. Whenever someone says the words “Dead Pool”


Dirty Harry (Clint Eastwood) says “I’ll kick your ass so hard you’ll have to unbutton your collar to shit!”

Join us next week for a double dose of parkour, as we trundle through the dystopian French action films District B13 and District B13: Ultimatum!

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