Starcrash (1978)


This week on Alcohollywood, we handle one of the stranger films we’ve ever come across: the 1978 Italian knock-off of Star Wars, Starcrash! Follow the adventures of sexy-yet-useless Stella Starr (Caroline Munro) and her mysterious, Jewfro-ed alien ally Akton (Marjoe Gortner) as they search for Prince Simon (David Hasselhoff) before the evil Couth Zarth Arn can defeat the Emperor of the First Circle of the Universe (Christopher Plummer). Confused yet? So were we! With a nonsensical plot, laughable effects and inexplicably awful acting, this Roger Corman co-production is one of the greater guilty pleasures we have come across, and so we decided to give it the Alcohollywood treatment!

Starcrash is available on Netflix streaming!



Starcrash cocktail

3 parts absinthe
2 parts jasmine liqueur
1 part pear liqueur
muddled mint
1 part sweetened lime juice
2 parts tonic water

Pour liquor and lime juice over crushed ice; finish with tonic water.


  1. Drink for every ponderous, awful shot of a model spaceship
  2. Every time Stella Starr changes outfit
  3. Any time Akton reveals a new power, ability or important piece of information


The Emperor of the First Circle of the Universe (Christopher Plummer) says, “IMPERIAL BATTLESHIP….HALT…THE FLOW OF TIME!”

Next week, we’re celebrating Shark Week with an aquatic-themed special that’s a bit more classy than this week’s entry: the Wes Anderson film The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou! On Friday, we’ll also be doing a special livetweet of all four Jaws movies, so look for our Twitter account @alcohollywood to tune in and tweet with us!

Also, look out Monday for a special podcast episode recorded live at Wizard World Chicago, with our upcoming interview with James Hong (Blade Runner, Kung Fu Panda, Big Trouble in Little China)! We will also be livetweeting at the event this weekend and uploading pictures, so stay tuned!

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5 thoughts on “Starcrash (1978)

  1. If you haven’t seen the documentary “Marjoe”, I highly recommend you watch it. It chronicles Gortner’s life as a revival preacher and shows the behind-the-scenes scams that he and others were pulling to make money. It won the Oscar in 1972 for Best Documentary. The name Marjoe is a hybrid of Mary and Joseph. You can watch the movie on Google

  2. Sounds like you had some well-rounded experiences. I worked a lot of jobs during the summer between semesters. Occasionally working multiple jobs at once.While most weren’t that fun, I do look back fondly of the people I worked with. They were great, and I’m surprised that I miss them. I should have kept in contact…

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