Joe vs the Volcano (1990) w/Biggest Fan

joe vs the volcano

Tired of your boring, dead-end job? Ever feel like you haven’t taken any chances in your life? Does every woman you’re romantically interested in look suspiciously like Meg Ryan? If so, then we’ve got the movie for you – this week on Alcohollywood, we’re covering Joe vs the Volcano, the 1990 Tom Hanks film written and directed by John Patrick Shanley (Doubt). Combining Expressionist visions of corporate America with Tolstoyian plot developments and the hands-down most racist portrayal of island natives you’ve ever seen, Joe vs the Volcano is sure to make you think – either in confusion or delight. Check out our drinking game and review here! (NOTE: First 10 minutes or so are in all-right quality, but we move to our fancy mic around the drink ingredients, so remain vigilant!)

Along with the ride on our steamer trunks, we’ve got Brockett from the Biggest Fan Podcast, so be sure to check out his vast podcast musings!



joe vs the volcano cocktail

2 parts cranberry juice
2 parts black cherry juice
1 mango, peeled and diced
2 parts silver tequila
1 coconut, halved and shaved
2 parts coconut rum
2 parts triple sec

Blend mango, coconut, juices, tequila, rum and triple sec with ice in blender. Pour in coconut shell and serve.


  1. When someone says the name “Joe”
  2. Any time someone says the word “feel”
  3. Every time a character steps into a new costume


Patricia Graynamore (Meg Ryan #3) says, “You didn’t get a second opinion on something called a brain cloud?”

Join us next week when we cover one of the most criminally underlooked films of 2011 – Drive, the Nicholas Winding Refn crime thriller starring a strangely near-mute Ryan Gosling!

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One thought on “Joe vs the Volcano (1990) w/Biggest Fan

  1. Great episode. Thanks for reviewing my suggestion! I knew it would be good fodder for discussion.

    I’m glad you ultimately enjoyed the movie. I was a little worried at the beginning, because it sounded like you were coming down a bit hard on the “unrealistic” elements of a film that was clearly never meant to be realistic, but things took a turn for the better once you acknowledged its fairy-tale nature.

    I thought for sure one of the rules would be to drink every time you saw the zigzagging motif of the lightning bolt from his company’s logo, as it’s one of the running sight-gags throughout the film – the sidewalk leading to the office building, in the floor of the trunk shop, the path leading up the volcano, every time there’s a lightning strike, etc. Yet nary even a mention of it on your podcast discussion. It’s the little touches like this that make this a boldly playful film – certainly one of the most creative, fun and under-appreciated financial flops out there.

    Thanks for the review!

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