The Avengers (1998)


This week on Alcohollywood, we review The Avengers! Now, we went through Marvel Month so that you, our loyal followers, could be completely ready for this cinematic masterpiece. Unfortunately, it seems our airdate this week comes before the actual release date of the film in the United States, so we thought we’d just cover that OTHER Avengers movie – the 1998 abomination starring Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman as posh, droll British secret agents attempting to stop Sir Sean Connery from holding the British ecosystem for ransom (we think).

A disastrous adaptation of the cult 1960s TV show, The Avengers features awful late-90s CGI, a confusing and nonsensical plot, bored, wooden acting, and the lamest excuse for “camp” we’ve ever seen. Put on your bowler hat, sip some tea (British people only drink tea, right? That’s all we got from this film) and climb in your man-sized hamster ball for our drinking game and review of The Avengers!


THIS EPISODE’S DRINK: DeWynter of Your Discontent

avengers cocktail

2 parts London dry gin

1 part blackberry brandy

3 parts pomegranate tea

3 parts raspberry tea

dash bitters

orange peel, garnish

Combine and shake ingredients; pour into glass. Lightly burn orange peel over flame and drop peel into drink.



  1. Every time someone says a pun (drink twice for weather-related puns)
  2. British iconography/culture nods (Big Ben, tea, macaroons, the Queen)
  3. Ominous storm clouds


Eddie Izzard, playing the head henchman, says his only line in the film: “Oh, fuck!”

Check us out next week when we get in touch with our feminine sides and review the Audrey Hepburn classic/Asian minstrel show Breakfast at Tiffany’s!

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