Titanic (1997)


For Alcohollywood this week, we continue our tradition of examining big films being rereleased in 3D with our review of James Cameron’s blockbuster epic Titanic! One of the most expensive (and successful) films of all time, the film is an incredible exercise in combining intriguing historical drama with done-to-death star-crossed romance – this time with sensitive Leo and his swooshy bangs, paired with an inexplicably-American Kate Winslet. With a three-hour runtime, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Pick up your violin, pour yourself a drink, and give our episode a listen!


THIS EPISODE’S DRINK: The Undrinkable Molly Brown

titanic cocktail

splash, dry vermouth

1 part gin

1 part citrus/chamomile-infused vodka

lemon juice and lime juice

1 part triple sec

1 part blue curacao

Combine in martini shaker; pour in martini glass. Add lemon and lime juice to taste. Complete with “iceberg” ice cube.

To make the “iceberg”:

  1. Loosely cover inside of martini glass with plastic wrap – this is important to create the fissures and cracks of the iceberg.
  2. Fill the martini glass halfway with water. Run the faucet gently to keep the wrinkles in the plastic wrap from filling out.
  3. Place martini glass in freezer for several hours, or until the cube freezes completely.
  4. Remove iceberg from martini via the plastic wrap; remove. Turn over and place in glass before pouring. Voila!


  1. Ironic historical foreshadowing
  2. Every time the title drops (“Titanic”)
  3. Each establishing shot of a vehicle (the Titanic, cars, the SS Russia, etc.)


Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) says “This is bad….” followed by a long, awkward pause.

Next week, Alcohollywood starts Marvel Month! All throughout April, Clint and Jared will review and drink to the five Marvel superhero films that lead up to the marketing extravaganza The Avengers. For our first episode during Marvel Month, we will start with an Iron Man Double Feature, covering both the flawed-but-fun Iron Man and its spinoff-heavy sequel Iron Man 2!

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