Little Man Tate (1991)

Little Man Tate (1991)

Harry Connickuh everybody! In celebration of that, we check in with Little Man Tate, the 1991 kid dramedy starring (and directed by) Jodie Foster. Foster plays Dede, a working class mom in New York who struggles to raise her little man, Fred Tate, a young genius, and the pressures of celebrity and achievement coming from the early-90s obsession with kid geniuses. Connick himself also stars (well, cameos) as a charismatic college student who teaches Fred the ways of pool and awkwardly walking in on someone having sex. Despite its good intentions, the film’s a bit of a slog, and most of the characters (particularly Fred) don’t have the charisma to carry a feature film. Nonetheless, give it a shot and find out what you think, bolstered by our custom cocktail and rules!


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Little Man Shake

2 parts Chopin potato vodka

2 parts Kahlua gingerbread liqueur

1 part amaretto

vanilla ice cream

ginger snap cookies


Combine in blender, serve. Garnish with whipped cream, ginger snap, raspberries.



1) Drink every time someone gives a glassy-eyed stare (Jane, Dede, Fred)

2) Drink whenever Fred does something “smart” (answers a question, drops a factoid)

3) Drink whenever Jodie Foster ends her sentences with an affected “Heh?!”


Fred asks Jane (Dianne Wiest), “What’s wrong with you?”

Join us next week as we celebrate the end of the world with Roland Emmerich’s 2012! (Also, check us out at the Underground WonderBar Monday, December 17th at 7:30pm as we stream and riff the Star Wars Holiday Special, complete with its own rules! Free admission and drink specials galore!)

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