Rounders (1998)


This week, Clint antes up with guests Zach Powers (of The Revisionists) and Aaron J. Amendola (of VStheUniverse) to talk about the 1998 card-shark drama Rounders!

Matt Damon plays a down-on-his-luck poker virtuoso/law student who gets dragged back into the world of underground high-stakes Texas hold ’em by his old friend Worm (Edward Norton), fresh out of prison with a huge gambling debt to repay. Will Damon choose the thrill of the cards over his law career and his bland, responsible girlfriend (Gretchen Mol)? Or will he go back for one last round with the cartoonishly Russian Teddy KGB (John Malkovich)? Is there even a question?

Load up a sleeve of Oreos like Malkovich does and check out our episode, along with our custom cocktail and drinking rules!

PRODUCER’S NOTE: We’re trying a few different ideas regarding mic placement as we finish up work on the new recording studio, so apologies if some of the audio sounds a little more echo-y than usual. We’ll get it sorted out soon, promise!

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  1. Any time a character rattles off poker gobbledygook (e.g. slang terms)
  2. Every time Worm tries to wiggle his way out of a situation
  3. Whenever you see closeups of playing cards to keep track of the games


Matt Damon says in voiceover, “I’m right back where I started, with three stacks of high society.”

Join us next week as we get our wings by discussing 1996’s Michael, starring John Travolta as a snarky angel!

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