250TH EPISODE: Roar (1981)


For our 250th episode, we take on one of the more insane films we’ve ever seen, as playwright Dusty Wilson and improviser Pat Niday joins us to talk 1981’s Roar! The infamously bloody animal drama is essentially a home movie in which Tippi Hedren’s husband (the Charles Manson lookalike Noel Marshall) convinces his family to make a film about them hanging out with their menagerie of lions, tigers and other big cats. It goes about how you’d expect – 70 crew members were injured on set – but the end result is one of the most hilariously tense cinematic experiences you’ll ever have. We break it down along with our custom cocktail and drinking game, so enjoy!

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Roar Cocktail

For Roar, we decided to make a raspberry lion-ade to remind us all of the tragic blood that was shed in the making of the film – but in a fun way! We also threw in a bit of Tiger Sauce (you can find it in your local hot sauce aisle) for a much-needed bit of smoky spice. 

5-6 raspberries
1 lemon
2 tbsp superfine sugar
3 parts tequila
1 part triple sec
splash, soda water
dash, Tiger Sauce

Muddle raspberries in a shaker, then add lemon juice, sugar, tequila, triple sec and ice and shake vigorously. Strain into a glass over ice, top with soda water and Tiger Sauce, and serve. 


  1. Every time a lion goes in for a big ol’ hug from one of our heroes
  2. Whenever you see a non-lion animal
  3. Any time goofy sitcom music pipes in the soundtrack


Tippi Hedren, obviously having saved this one up for awhile, says, “Look what the cat dragged in!”

Join us next week as we get super-weird with the Japanese body horror film Tetsuo the Iron Man!

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