The Little Rascals (1994)

little rascals

This week on Alcohollywood, improv-esario Pat Niday joins us to talk 1994’s strangely modern reboot of The Little Rascals! Directed by Wayne’s World’s Penelope Spheeris, The Little Rascals takes place in a bizarre world where the idiosyncratic group of 30s delinquents somehow also grew up and were socialized in modern-day Los Angeles, and cause all manner of mayhem while also sort-of having parents? It’s all a bit confusing, and the terrible kid actors do little to help the matter; still, we’ve got a custom cocktail and drinking rules to help you navigate this very strange beast!

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We named our large-batch boozy blended frozen lemonade cocktail after the teensy little frog Alfalfa gets lodged in his crotch during the execrable ballerina scene. With any luck, this’ll help you forget it like it hopefully will for us!

1 can frozen lemonade
¼ cup Blood orange juice
¼ cup Lemon juice
1,50z orgeat
¼ cup Peach juice
2-3 slices, grilled pineapple
4 parts spiced rum
1 part Grand Marnier

Combine all ingredients in a blender, with ice, till combined. We’re keeping it simple, Jimmy Buffett style.


  1. Every time that the characters give exaggerated waves (all the hellos, goodbyes, and “O-tay!”)
  2. Hammy close-up reactions from animals (e.g. Petey, the monkey)
  3. Whenever someone says the words ‘boy,’ ‘girl,’ ‘man’ or ‘woman’


Spanky sighs and says, “Well, I guess things just have to change sometimes.”

Join us later this week as we play catch-up with our Thanksgiving episode, where we chow down on the 1990s cannibal Western dark comedy Ravenous!

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