Food of the Gods (1976) w/Our Fair City

food of the gods

This week on Alcohollywood, Clayton Faits of Our Fair City joins us to talk about the chintzy 1970s giant animal flick Food of the Gods! Adapted from a “portion” of the novel by HG Wells, Food of the Gods stars Starcrash alum (and walking LL Bean ad) Marjoe Gortner as a football player/survivalist who finds himself in the midst of an invasion of giant animals on a secluded island. With a little pluck and determination, Marjoe and the cast of mumbly supporting players must fight off giant rats, mealworms, maggots and shadowy wasps – all rendered with adorably flimsy care and attention. Check out our custom cocktail and drinking rules below!

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Since ambrosia is typically considered the ‘food of the gods,’ we decided to make our own slushy, boozy version of Grandma’s favorite down-home side dish, the ambrosia salad! Blending together marshmallow, coconut, mandarin oranges and coconut, it’s like a liquid church barbecue.

1 part marshmallow vodka
1 part coconut rum
½ can Mandarin orange slices
1 part pineapple rum
1 part whipped cream
2 parts milk

Combine into a blender, blitz until well combined. Pour into tall glass, garnish with whipped cream and cherry, and serve.


  1. Whenever Marjoe Gortner trots out a new skill
  2. Every time people get in or out of a vehicle (i.e. go Jeepin’)
  3. Any time the characters go rat-blastin’ (i.e. you see a poor rat getting blown away by a shotgun blast)


Marjoe Gortner says, “Well, I hope that’s the last of ‘em.”

Join us next week as we experience Jamie Foxx’s Norbit moment with 2003’s Stealth!

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