The Black Cauldron (1985)

Black Cauldron

This week on Alcohollywood, Nathan Roebbel of the Right Brain Project joins us as we dig into the Disney archives to take a look at the long-forgotten animated flick The Black Cauldron! The movie is an adaptation of an obscure Welsh-inspired fantasy book series following the adventures of a meek pig-keeper named Taran, who must fight off the Horned King (John Hurt) and destroy a magical cauldron that can create an army of the undead.  Released in 1985 after a contentious production process, the film isn’t done any favors by its half-hearted attempts at darker material and flat, samey characters – one must lament the film that could have been. Still, we’ve got all the tools to help you lament right here, with our custom cocktail and drinking rules! (We’ve also got our audio review of Klingon Warnog from the Federation of Beers, for all your geeky drink needs.) Listen below!



Black Cauldron cocktailFor this summery punch, we tried to emulate the red oracle water that psychic pig Hen Wen uses to soothsay, while still offering the kind of bulk beverage you might make in a black cauldron of your own. (Incidentally, this fruity drink would likely pair well with ham.) Put this recipe in your goblet and get ready for a magical evening!

2 parts vanilla vodka
1 part raspberry liqueur
1 part Campari
3 parts cranberry juice
1 part pomegranate juice
2 parts ginger beer
orange slices (for garnish)

Fill pitcher/cauldron with ingredients and stir. Let the orange slices infuse a bit for maximum flavor.


  1. Whenever someone bumbles, fumbles or is otherwise clumsy
  2. Any time someone says the word “pig”
  3. Every time someone joins the party or abandons it (which happens abruptly and often)


Taran says, “I’m no warrior. What would I do with a sword?”

Join us next week as we meet a far more horrifying precocious kid, the terrifyingly adult Martin Short in Clifford!

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