Mutt Williams

(from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull)

for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)

2 parts Crystal Head Vodka (can substitute with any comparable vodka)
2 parts Kahlua
2 parts Bailey’s Irish Cream
1 part banana liqueur

Add all ingredients into tumbler; shake well. Serve over ice.

“What Was It Called Again?”

(from The Notebook)from The Notebook (2004)
1 part bourbon whiskey (Jim Beam or other)1 part 100% pear juice2 parts ginger ale1 sprig of muddled mint (NOTE: roll mint leaves in hand, then slap hands with mint between them to release flavor.)Add all ingredients into tumbler; shake well. Serve over ice.

The Reaper’s Handshake

(from Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors) from Dr. Terror's House of Horrors (1965)

6 parts London dry gin

1 part Jagermeister

1 part Grand Marnier orange liqueur

Pour gin and Jagermeister over ice; stir. Pour into martini glass. Float with Grand Marnier and garnish with orange peel.

 Rooster’s Folly

(from True Grit (1969))from True Grit (1969)

3 parts Canadian Club whiskey2 parts Triple Sec7 parts Budweisersplash of lemon juiceTobasco hot sauce, to taste (approx. 4-5 dashes)Pinch, black peppercorns

Pour whiskey, Triple Sec, ice-cold Budweiser, lemon juice and hot sauce into pilsner glass. Stir gently. Drop peppercorns into the glass.

Distracting Package

(from Labyrinth)from Labyrinth


2 parts North Shore Sirena absinthe3 parts V8 cranberry/blackberry juice3 parts proseccoPour into a champagne flute; swizzle. Garnish with two berries lodged side-by-side on a toothpick.

 Gin & Sonic

(from The Sea Wolves)from The Sea Wolves

2 parts North Shore #11 Gin1 part orange liqueur2 parts sparkling cranberry juicesplash of limePour over ice and stir. Garnish with lime wheel.

 John Candied Yams

(from Planes, Trains & Automobiles)from Planes, Trains & Automobiles

2 parts sweet potato-infused vodka1 part Goldschlager cinnamon schnapps2 parts A&W cream sodawhite of 1 egggraham crackers, pecans, nutmegLine the rim of a martini glass with crushed graham crackers and crushed pecans. Pour the egg white, sweet potato-infused vodka, Goldschlager, and cream soda into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake vigorously. Strain into martini glass. Sprinkle nutmeg on top.

 The MotherStuffer

(from ThanksKilling)from ThanksKilling

2 parts Kahlua coffee liqueur2 parts Whipped Jack whipped cream-flavored spiced rum1 parts pumpkin pie spiced liqueurWhipped creamNutmegCinnamon Stick (garnish)Combine liqueurs and rum; top with whipped cream and nutmeg. Add cinnamon stick to garnish.

Soo-ah’s Shame

(from Oldboy) from Oldboy

2 parts sake (sweet to medium-dry recommended)1 part blackberry brandy3 parts carrot juicedash of ground gingerShake well and pour over ice.

 Face in the Misty Light

(from Laura)from Laura

1 part St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur2 parts whole vanilla bean-infused vodka1 part sparkling rosédash of Bittercube “Blackstrap” spiced bittersStir St. Germain, vanilla vodka and spiced bitters w/ice. Strain into martini glass. Top with rosé.

 Christmas on Klendathu

(from Starship Troopers)from Starship Troopers

3 parts silver rum1 part creme de cacao1 part triple sec5 parts orange sodadash of bittersdash of ground clovesStir and pour over ice. Garnish with ground cloves and red candy sprinkles.

Hopeful Oats

(from Hope Floats) from Hope Floats

2 parts brandy3 parts apricot nectar5 parts oatmeal stoutvanilla ice creamcaramel syrup (optional)Mix brandy, nectar and stout; top with scoop of ice cream. Drizzle with caramel syrup.

 Bloody Merry Christmas

(from Die Hard)from Die Hard

Fig and walnut-infused vodka1 can Fire-roasted tomatoes2-3 Sweet chili peppers (assorted)Dark chocolate syrupStalk of celery (garnish)Puree tomatoes and chili peppers; strain to retrieve juice. Mix equal parts infused vodka and tomato juice. Drizzle with dark chocolate syrup to taste, and shake well. Pour into pilsner glass. Garnish with stalk of celery and peppers.

Healthy Skeptic

(from The X-Files: I Want to Believefrom The X-Files: I Want to Believe

2 parts silver rum2 parts amaretto1 part Goldschlagervanilla ice creamgrenadineBlend rum, amaretto, Goldschlager and ice cream; draw X across surface of drink with grenadine.

 “What She’s Having”

(from When Harry Met Sally…)from When Harry Met Sally...

1 part cucumber-infused vodka1 part Midori or other melon liqueur1 part pineapple juice3 parts spumante (sparkling wine)Mix well; pour in champagne glass.

12 Angry Blend

(from 12 Angry Men)from 12 Angry Men

1 part Jack Daniels
1 part Jim Beam
1 part Evan Williams
1 part Michael Collins
1 part Jeremiah Weed
1 part Basil Hayden
1 part Benjamin Prichard
1 part Elijah Craig
1 part Johnny Drum
1 part Johnnie Walker
5 parts Dr. Pepper
5 parts Mr. PibbPour over ice. Stir. Argue heatedly.

The Gray Stuff

(from Beauty and the Beast)



1 part French Lillet rouge1 part pear ciderRose petalsMuddle rose petals; mix with equal parts Lillet and cider in ice. Shake or stir. Pour into chilled wine glass, garnish with fresh rose petal. 


(from Rhinestone)

3 parts Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey2 parts Goldschlager4 parts Budweisersplash, Red Bullsilver leafPour Tennessee Honey, Goldschlager and Budweiser into pint glass, over ice. Top with Red Bull. Sprinkle edible silver leaf into drink. Garnish with apple slice (if desired).

Enter the Dragonberry

1 part Bacardi Dragon Berry rum1 part Sour Apple Puckersplash Midori1 part Lemon seltzer waterPickled jalapenoMuddle jalapeno in shaker. Add Dragon Berry rum, Pucker and Midori; shake. Pour over ice, add seltzer. Add fortune cookie for garnish (if desired.)


(from Groundhog Day)

1 part Bison Grass flavored vodka1 part vanilla vodka2 parts apple juicesplash amarettoAerosol whipped creamAlmondsCombine and shake well. Pour into martini glass. Top with whipped cream and almonds.

The DiaSweeties

(from Valentine’s Day)

2 part raspberry-flavored vodka1 part white chocolate liqueur1 part strawberry cream liqueur (e.g. Qream)splash, grenadineTwizzlers, chocolates, candy hearts (garnish)Combine vodka and liqueurs, pour into martini glass. Float grenadine and garnish with candy (use toothpick to form Twizzler heart).

Mr. Breakfast

(from Pee-wee’s Big Adventure)

1 part Cutty Sark scotch1 part Kahlua1 part Frangelico1 part butterscotch schnapps1 part milkCombine and shake. Pour over ice.

The Pretentia-saurus

(from The Tree of Life)

2 parts green apple-flavored vodka1 part white grape juice2 parts ginger aleCombine, stir, garnish with celery. (A simple drink for a complicated movie.)

Big Badda-Boom

(from The Fifth Element)

Air: 1 part Skyy vodkaEarth: 2 parts beet juiceWater: 1 part clam juiceFire: Taco Bell Fire sauce (can substitute with Tabasco)Love: Kiss the drink by drinking it.Combine and add ice; garnish with cilantro. Salt the rim.

Dyin’ Brian

(from Brian’s Song)

1 part peanut-infused vodka1 part walnut liqueur1 part hazelnut liqueur1 part coffee liqueur8 parts urban wheat ale (e.g. Goose Island 312, for that Chicago taste)Pour in pilsner glass; swizzle. Honey rim and roll in crushed pretzels. Garnish with pretzel.

Galactically Delicious

(from Leprechaun 4: In Space)

1 part Irish whiskey1 part Irish Mist liqueur2 parts Irish ciderLucky Charms marshmallows (for garnish)Combine and stir. Top with marshmallows.

Snake Punch

(from Hard Target)

2 parts Southern Comfort1 part peach schnapps2 parts apple juice1 part ginger aleCombine in glass; stir.

The Undrinkable Molly Brown

(from Titanic)

splash, dry vermouth1 part gin1 part citrus/chamomile-infused vodka1 part triple sec1 part blue curacaolemon juice and lime juiceCombine in martini shaker; pour in martini glass. Add lemon and lime juice to taste. Complete with “iceberg” ice cube.


(from Iron Man and Iron Man 2)

1 part spinach juice2 parts cucumber juice3 parts green apple juice5 parts mandarin-flavored vodka1 teaspoon pepperCombine in glass, over ice.

S’Monster Smash

(from The Incredible Hulk)


GREEN:Ice1 avocado1 pear3 oz Greek yogurt4.5 oz coconut rumsplash, MidoriPURPLE:Ice1 banana7 oz cranberry sauce3 oz Greek Yogurt2 oz sloe gin2.5 oz blackberry brandyBlend smoothies separately; layer in glass as per the Hulk’s figure (1/4 green, 1/4 purple, then 1/2 green).

Thor’s Mighty Hammered

(from Thor)

1 pint Viking Blod meadSHOT:1 part bourbon1 part Chambordsplash balsamic vinegarPour or drop shot into mead; toast to your fallen comrades.

The Thirst Avenger

(from Captain America: The First Avenger)

orange slicecherries (tart and maraschino)blueberriesgoat cheese3 parts bourbon1 part Jagermeister1 part peach schnapps5 parts Coca-ColaMuddle orange, blueberries and cherries; combine bourbon, Jager and schnapps. Pour over ice and add Coca-Cola. Serve with garnish of maraschino cherry, goat cheese, and blueberry.

DeWynter of Your Discontent

2 parts London dry gin1 part blackberry brandy3 parts pomegranate tea3 parts raspberry teadash bittersorange peel, garnishCombine and shake ingredients; pour into glass. Lightly burn orange peel over flame and drop peel into drink.

Diamonds at Denny’s

(from Breakfast at Tiffany’s)


1 part espresso-infused vodka1 part chocolate liqeuer (e.g. Trader Vic’s Chocolate Liqueur)1 part amaretto5 parts sparkling wineWhipped creamcocoa powdercocoa beansSwizzle in glass; top with whipped cream, cocoa powder and cocoa beans.

Walter’s Whiteys

(from The Big Lebowski)

2 parts vanilla flavored vodka1 part coffee liqueur1 part Irish cream1 part Chambord1 part walnut liqueurCombine and pour over ice.

Poor Butterfly

(from The Untouchables)

1 part white corn whiskey1 part ginger liqueur1 part orange juice2 parts apple juicedrizzle of honeydash, bittersCombine and stir.

The Big Woo

(from Joe vs. the Volcano)

1 mango, peeled and diced1 coconut, halved and shaved2 parts cranberry juice2 parts black cherry juice2 parts silver tequila2 parts coconut rum2 parts triple secBlend mango, coconut, juices, tequila, rum and triple sec with ice in blender. Pour in coconut shell and serve.

The Yellow Scorpion

(from Drive)

cilantropoblano pepper seedsteaspoon, sugar4 parts silver tequila1 part freshly squeezed lime juice2 parts pineapple juice2 parts soda wateravocado (garnish)Muddle cilantro, seeds, and sugar. Shake tequila, lime juice and pineapple juice and pour over ice. Add soda water and garnish with avocado slice.

Drunk By Dawn

(from Evil Dead 2)

2 parts American bourbon1 part triple sec1 part apricot nectar2 parts (Bruce) Campbell’s Tomato Juicesplash, bittersCombine and stir. Garnish with toy monster arm (Here, we have Mumm-Ra from ThunderCats.)


(from Mary Poppins)

2 parts vodka2 parts lemon juice1 part pomegranate liqueur1 part blueberry-lavender limoncelloA SPOONFUL OF SUGAR GET ITCombine and stirAdd spoonful of sugar and stir.

Tire Fire

(from Rubber)

5 parts brandy2 parts Grand Marnier orange liqueur3 parts sweetened lime juiceagave nectar1 part apple juiceCombine and shake; add bitters (optional).

Fat Lady’s Song

(from Independence Day)

2 parts Irish Mist1 part St. Germain1 part Caribbean coconut rum1 part Russian vodka16 parts American ale (e.g. Liberty Ale)Pour and stir over ice (I don’t care if you’re pouring beer over ice, do it)

Double-Fisted Squeeze

(from Double Indemnity)

White Drink:2 parts cranberry vodka1 part coconut rum1 part triple sec4 parts milkPour over ice; stir.Black Drink:2 parts cranberry vodka1 part espresso (or espresso-infused vodka)4 parts GuinnessPour over ice; stir. Pick your poison, or use the white drink as a chaser for the black drink.

The Transported Man

(from The Prestige)

Green olivessplash, lemon and lime juice6 parts Cointreau4 parts egg white3 parts orange juice2 parts waterleaf basiljuniper berriesVodka1) Place one green olive apiece in sections of ice cube tray; add lemon and lime juice, fill with vermouth. Keep in freezer until frozen.2)  Whip Cointreau, egg white, orange juice, water, basil and juniper until it forms a foam (you can also use a nitrous oxide canister and dispenser to create the foam).3) In Collins glass or martini glass, fill with vodka, insert vermouth cube, top with foam. Add juniper berries for garnish.(NON-MOLECULAR MIXOLOGY VERSION: Make your standard vodka martini; add Cointreau, insert leaf basil and juniper berries.)


(from Fellini Satyricon)

4 parts pinot grigio2 parts Aperolsplash, blood orange bitterspeaches, dicedPour over ice and stir. Top with peaches.

Triple-Nippled Space Hooker

(from Total Recall)

Triple-Nippled Space Hooker
2 parts kiwani juice2 parts citrus cordial*2 parts tequila*HOW TO MAKE CORDIAL: Squeeze desired number of lemon, orange and limes into pan, add sugar, place under heat. Boil until syrup forms.Combine and stir; garnish with kiwani peel.

Deadly Ray

(from Starcrash)

3 parts absinthe2 parts jasmine liqueur1 part pear liqueurmuddled mint1 part sweetened lime juice2 parts tonic waterPour liquor and lime juice over crushed ice; finish with tonic water.

The Belafonte

(from The Life Aquatic)

2 parts whipped cream orange-flavored vodka1 part cranberry vodka2 parts spearmint schnapps2 parts soda watersplash, blue curacaoCombine and stir; serve with Swedish Fish.

The Alphabetical

(from Vampire’s Kiss)

2 parts rye whiskey2 parts cherry liqueur4 parts Francis Coppola Cabernet Sauvignondash Aztec Chocolate bitterslemonCombine and stir; pour into wine glass. Garnish with lemon.

The Nothing

(from The NeverEnding Story)

5 parts gin2 parts Flimm Apfel apple liqueur2 parts Goldschlager1 part St. Germainsplash, lemonsplash bittersCombine and stir.

The Road Rage

(from Duel)

4 parts tequila4 parts grapefruit juice3 parts ginger liqueurCombine and stir.

Sudden Magnum Pool Enforcer

(from The Dead Pool)

2 parts Irish whiskey2 parts black coffee1 part Cointreau1 part apple juice1 tbsp. caramel syrupdash, cayenne pepperCombine; if served hot, stir. If served cold, shake.

Parkour de France

(from District B13 / District 13: Ultimatum)

4 parts applejack1 part creme de cassis3 parts coconut water4-5 dashes,Pacheaud’s bittersmint, garnishCombine and stir.

The Green Fairy Godmother

(from Ever After)

1 part bison grass1 part lemon-flavored vodka2 parts amarettoABSINTHE-VANILLA FOAM:3 parts absinthe2 parts lemon juice2 parts egg whitesplash, vanilla extractCombine and pour vodkas and amaretto into wine glass. whip ingredients together into foam (via immersion blender or mixer); pour over drink.

The Evil Fucking Room

(from 1408)

1 part caraway-infused black cherry syrup:- caraway seeds- black cherry juice (no sugar added)4 parts honeycrisp apple juice0 parts (get it?) dry sherry8 parts scotchHeat up black cherry juice on stovetop heat till reduced; pulverize caraway seeds and add to juice. Stir until combined. Pour a bit of dry sherry into the empty glass, swirl, and pour that out. Pour juices and scotch into the glass, and garnish with keys.



(from IT)

4 parts Hallowine spiced wine (you can find it at your local liquor store around this time of year)1 part amaretto1 part spiced rum3 parts clubsoda/sparkling waterdash, blood orange bittersCombine and pour into goblet of your choice.

The Holy Jumped-Up Jesus Palomino

(from Silver Bullet)

1 part moonshine (get it?)4 parts Coors Light3 parts cranberry juice1 part spearmint schnappsCombine and stir. 

Tony’s Red Rum Punch

(from The Shining)

3 parts pumpkin-infused spiced rum1 part Cointreau or other orange liqueur1 part Goldschlager or other cinnamon liqueur2 parts cranberry juicedash Pechaud’s bittersrosemary, muddledMuddle rosemary; combine liqueurs and shake. Pour into glass and finish with cranberry juice and bitters. Stir and serve.

Meteor Shit

(from Creepshow)

3 parts pumpkin-and-pecan-infused Jim Beam1 part Kahlua2 parts apple liqueur2 parts milkCombine and stir. Top with splash of grenadine to create a creepy blood-pouring effect.

Short Island Iced Tea

(from Tiptoes)

1 part gin1 part silver tequila1 part silver rum1 part lime juice1 part triple sec2 parts pomegranate juiceCombine and stir; garnish with line wedge.


(from Skyfall)

6 parts Gordon’s dry gin2 parts vodka1 part Lillet rougeShake (don’t stir!) and serve in martini glass. Garnish with apple slice.

Gonna Rufio Grog

(from Hook)

1 part spiced rum (Sailor Jerry or other)5 parts hard cidersplash lime juicesplash orgeat- Almond extract- water- sugar- orange blossomCaptain Crunch’s Peanut Butter CrunchnutmegTO MAKE ORGEAT: Stir together almond syrup, sugar, water and orange blossom to taste.Combine rum, cider, lime juice and orgeat; stir. Crush Captain Crunch’s Peanut Butter Crunch into crumbs, mix with nutmeg; rum lime across rim of glass and ‘salt’ with cereal. Pour mixed drink into glass.

The Riddle of Steel

(from Conan the Barbarian)

2 parts whiskey1 part orange liqueur1 part gold tequila1 part amarettosplash, bittersCombine and stir.

Momma’s Throw-Made Apple Pie a la Mode (of TRAINsportation)

(from Throw Momma from the Train)

2 parts vanilla vodka1 part spiced rum1 part sour apple liqueur2 parts ginger aledash, lemon juice (to taste)Combine and stir. Throw into your mouth.

Little Man Shake

(from Little Man Tate)

Little Man Shake

2 parts Chopin potato vodka2 parts Kahlua gingerbread liqueur1 part amarettovanilla ice creamginger snap cookiesraspberriesCombine in blender, serve. Garnish with whipped cream, ginger snap, raspberries.

The Mutated Neutrino

(from 2012)

Mutated Neutrino

2 parts silver tequila2 parts silver rum2 parts celery juice1 part lime juicemuddled jalapenomuddled mintsplash, agave nectar1 part soda water(optional) 151-proof rumMuddle jalapeno and mint; combine tequila, rum, agave,  celery and lime juices and stir. Pour into glass; add soda water. Garnish with jalapeno slice, mint leaf and lime wedge. (OPTIONAL: Top with Bacardi 151 rum (pour over back of spoon) and light on fire.)

Tuttle’s Duct Sludge

(from Brazil)

Tuttle's Duct Sludge

2 parts Cachaca rum1 part eggnogspoonful, cranberry jellypinch, clovesdash, nutmegCombine and shake vigorously. Top with nutmeg. Fill out the necessary forms, then drink.

Drinkers of the Dead

(from The 13th Warrior)

Drinkers of the Dead

2 parts Frost vodka1 part milk or cream1 part butternut squash juice1 part blueberry syrupsage, muddledMuddle sage; add remaining ingredients and combine. Pour into glass; garnish with blueberries and sage leaf. Vanquish thine enemies.

Tiffany Case

(from Diamonds are Forever)

2 parts diamond-filtered Vodka (e.g. Ciroc)1 part ruby red grapefruit juicesplash, yellow chartreusesplash, honey syrupCombine and stir.

The Cancellation

(from She)

The Cancellation

1 part moonshine1 part sweet potato vodka1 part amarettosplash, Jagermeisterpinch, black pepperCombine and stir.

The House That Crack Built

(from House)

The House That Crack Built

3 parts sake1 part absinthecucumber, muddledraspberries, muddled2 parts orange-flavored teaMuddle raspberries and cucumber in shaker; combine other ingredients and shake with ice. Pour into Collins glass; garnish with cucumber zest and raspberry.

Grandma’s Acid Bath

(from Dante’s Peak)

Grandma's Acid Bath

muddled sweet Thai chiles1 part espresso-infused vodka1 part triple sec2 parts Irish creamdash, Aztec chocolate bittersMuddle chiles; pour in remaining ingredients. Combine and stir.

The Greatest Tape

(from Felony)

The Greatest Tape

3 parts bourbon whiskey1 part herbsaint4 parts coconut water (pineapple flavored)dash, honeydash, Pechaud’s bittersBacardi 151orange peelCombine whiskey, herbsaint, coconut water, honey and bittersstir. Cut orange peel into desired shape; soak in Bacardi 151 rum for several minutes. Garnish drink with peel and light on fire. Double-cross someone.

I Hate “I Hate Valentine’s Day” Day

(from I Hate Valentine’s Day)

I Hate "I Hate Valentine's Day" Day

2 parts vanilla-infused vodka2 parts Kinky vodka liqueur2 parts ginger aleCombine and stir. Garnish with strawberry.

The Emancipator

(from Lincoln)

The Emancipator

2 parts Knob Creek bourbon whiskey1 part applejack1 part lemon juice1 tbsp. mint syrup (combine water, sugar and mint leaves over heat to make syrup)Combine and stirEmancipate your liver.

The Beautiful Briny

(from Bedknobs & Broomsticks)

The Beautiful Briny

2 parts gin (ideally New World gin)2 parts orange juice1 part St. Germain1 part jasmine liqueurspoonful, blackberry preservesCombine and stir.

The Dapper Dan

(from O Brother, Where Art Thou?)

The Dapper Dan

4 parts white corn whiskey (infuse with carrot, sage and golden raisins)1 part apple juice1 part Budweisersplash, lemondash, Liquid SmokeCombine and stir.

Shamrock-y Road

(from The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns)

The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns (1999)

2 parts marshmallow-flavored vodka2 parts white creme de cacao2 parts amaretto1 part creme de menthevanilla ice creamiceCombine in blender; mix well.

Chinese Costume Chamber

(from Fantasy Mission Force)

The Chinese Costume Chamber

2 parts Baijiu1 part ginger liqueursplash, orange syrupdash, habanero shrub (or sriracha)Combine and stir.

The Drink With No Name

(from A Fistful of Dollars)


1 part silver tequila1 part triple sec1 part celery juice6 parts green teabasilcucumberdry vermouthdash, agave nectarRinse glass with splash of dry vermouth; muddle shaker with basil leaf and cucumber. Combine tequila, triple sec, celery juice, green tea and agave nectar and shake. Pour into vermouth-rinsed glass.


(from Jurassic Park)


Apple juice1 part green chartreuse1 part silver rum (Costa Rican)mintlemon slicetangelo slicedash, simple syrupFreeze apple juice (along with chocolate bits) in ice cube tray. Muddle mint, tangelo and lemon; add chartreuse, silver rum and syrup; shake vigorously. Pour over apple juice cubes.


(from Robot Jox)


1 part silver rum1 part dry gin1 part St. Germain elderflower liqueursplash, lemon juicedash, Peychaud’s bittersCombine and stir.

Holly Would End Lime

(from The Third Man)


1 part Dutch akvavit2 parts genevar1 part Heering cherry liqueur1 part lime juice6 parts soda waterCombine and stir.


(from The Game)


2 parts Campari1 part rhubarb juice1 part saffron simple syrup1 pint blonde aleCombine campari, rhubarb juice and saffron syrupinto a shotglass, then drop into pint of blonde ale.

Memphis Lost

(from Mystery Train)

Memphis Lost

Peanut butterMilk1 part crème de banana2 parts spiced rumBlend peanut butter and milk; combine 2 parts PB-milk and remaining ingredients, stir.

The Deer Punter

(from Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame)

Deer Punter

2 parts torched cherry-flavored rum (Bacardi)1 part cinnamon-spiced whiskey (e.g. Fireball)1 part red apple juice2 parts red bell pepper juice1 part spicy ginger beerCinnamon bittersCombine and stir.

The Psycho-frakulator

(from Mystery Men)

The Psycho-frakulator

2 parts lemon vodka2 parts cherry rum2 parts gin2 parts silver tequila1 part triple sec1 part blackcurrant liqueur4 parts watermelon juice1 part lime juice2 parts lemon-lime sodaCombine liquors and juices and shake; top with lemon-lime soda.

The Waxsimile

(from Mystery of the Wax Museum)


1 part lemon and lavender-infused vodka1 part coconut rum2 parts almond milkblueberrieslavender flowersMuddle blueberries and lavender flowers in shaker; add remaining ingredients and shake. Pour over ice.

Marginal Misery Pour

(from Magical Mystery Tour)


1 part egg white1 part Genevar2 parts white whiskey (rye or grain)1 part triple sec4 parts strawberry juice1 part hibiscus liqueurSimple syrupMintMuddle mint, add remaining ingredients and shake. Drink straight up.

Macready’s Petri

(from The Thing)

MacReady's Petri

1 parts J&B Scotch1 part Norwegian taffel2 parts framboise (raspberry liqueur)2 parts carrot juiceCombine and stir. Pour into petri dish or something you can actually drink from.

Pucker Punch 

(from Sucker Punch)

Pucker Punch

1 part pineapple rum1 part Midori2 parts jasmine tea1 part granny smith apple juice2 parts 7-UpOrange slicesCombine and stir.

The Killing Phrase

(from Theatre of Blood)

The Killing Phrase

Brandy (infuse with cranberry and orange peel for flavor)Honey syrupPeychaud’s bitterssplash, Shakespeare Oatmeal StoutHeat water and honey to make honey syrup; add syrup, bitters and stout to taste. (Make sure the drink is mostly brandy; the goal is merely to enhance the flavors of the brandy itself.)

Lime After Thyme

(from Time After Time)

Lime After Thyme

Fresh thyme, muddled3 parts London dry gin1 part celery juice1 part lime juice1 part pureed avocadoAgave nectar1 part soda waterMuddle mint; add gin, avocado and juices, and shake vigorously until combined. Pour into glass, add agave nectar and soda water and stir. 

In-Flight Beverage

(from Air Force One)

The In-Flight Beverage

6 parts red rye ale1 part white rye whiskeyBlueberries, muddledLemon wedgeAztec chocolate bittersMuddle blueberries and lemon wedgeadd whiskey. Shake, then pour into pilsner glass. Top with ale and bitters.

The Assaulted Dog

(for Bingo)

Assaulted Dog

2 parts pear-infused vodka2 parts ginger liqueur3 parts grapefruit juicelimesugarCombine vodka, liqueur, juice, splash of lime juice and bitters; shake until mixed well. Line the rim of a margarita glass with lime zest and sugar, and pour in. Garnish with lime wedge.


(from Mallrats)


2 parts Three Olives Dude1 part tequila1 part limoncello1 part triple sec5 parts pineapple juice1 part blue GatoradeCombine in blender with ice. Pour in glass.

Old Chum

(from Batman: The Movie)

Old Chum

2 parts Bacardi rum1 part banana puree3 parts coconut water1 part amaretto1 part blueberry liqueurDehydrated milkCombine and shake wet ingredients, pour into glassMake shot of dehydrated milk, add if desired.


(from Sharknado)

The Sharklone

2 parts Cutty S(h)ark Scotch1 part orange juice1 part pineapple juice1 part passion fruit juice1 part passion fruit liqueurLime bitters1 part Land Shark lagerCombine all but lager and shake. Pour into glass and top with lager. Garnish with fresh chum if desired.

Honey Ryder

(from Dr. No)

Honey Ryder

Mango, dicedTangerine sliceLime slicehoney5 parts Smirnoff vodka (coconut or other flavored vodka optional)1 part champagneMuddle fruit vigorously in cocktail shaker until pureed; add honey and vodka, shake vigorously. Pour into martini glass and top with champagne.

Mu-ai Thai

(from The Protector)

Mu-ai Thai

4 parts pineapple rum2 parts dark rum5-6 parts coconut milk2 parts orange curacaolime syrupdash, sakesplash, anisettedollop, cashew butterCombine and shake. Pour into glass. (Alternatively, shake just the alcoholic ingredients and layer ingredients on top.)

Hot Flash

(from Flash Gordon)

Hot Flash

6 parts Gordon’s gin1 part absinthe3 parts white wine2 parts soda watersplash, rosewaterspoonful of sugarlemon, orange, cucumber wedgesCombine gin, wine, absinthe, sugar, rosewater and produce in shaker; shake vigorously. Pour into glass and top with soda water. Stir.

Tom Mixer

(from Sunset)

Tom Mixer

2 parts tequila1 part pomegranate juice1 part citrus syrup (grapefruit, orange, lemon juice and sugar, make it on the stove)Combine and stir.

Sound Fixer

(from The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T)

Sound Fixer

2,500 fingers cookies /n cream vodka1,500 fingers cream soda500 fingers amaretto500 fingers peach schnappsscoop, chocolate ice creamMix into 40-gallon bucket. Serve for a special occasion. (or scale down appropriately.)

The Ruckus

(from The Breakfast Club)

The Ruckus

Cinnamon Toast Crunch2 parts brandy1 part marshmallow-flavored vodka1 part orange liqueur1 part apple juice3 parts milkdash, Peychaud’s bittersGrind cereal w/muddler in shaker, add remaining ingredients and give it a dry shake. Pour into Collins glass; garnish with whipped cream, chocolate syrup and three Cinnamon Toast Crunch pieces. 

Deep Deep Down

(from Danger: Diabolik)

Deep Deep Down

1 part Fernet Branca1 part apple brandy1 part orange liqueur2 parts cranberry juice1 part apple juicePeychaud’s bittersTorched orange peel, garnishCombine and stir. Garnish with orange peel.

It’s Alive!

(from Frankenstein)

It's Alive!

GREEN DRINK:1 part jalapeno-infused tequila1 part triple sec1 part green chartreuse3 parts baked green apple puree (Granny Smith)Bake apples in oven; combine in blender with remaining ingredients. Pour into glass until it is ¾ full.PURPLE SECTION:1 part blackberries1 part framboise1 egg whiteLime juice to tasteBlend into foamFloat on top of green section.

Wolfy Chow

(from The Wolfman)

Wolfy Chow

1 parts Wolfschmidt Vodka1 part amaretto1 part Irish creamDollop, peanut butter1 tbsp chocolate mousseCombine in shaker with ice; shake vigorously until broken down. Pour into glass; garnish with dog treat.

The Sands of Time

(from The Mummy)

The Sands of Time

3 parts apricot-infused brandy1 part jasmine liqueur1 part lemon juice1 part orange juice2 parts white wine1 part soda waterPeach bittersCombine and stir.

Hollow Pursuits

(from The Invisible Man)

Hollow Pursuits

6 parts New World ginTinctures:Lemon, vanilla, pumpkin (infuse vodka/gin with herbal ingredients)HoneyFresh rosemaryRim the glass with honey and rosemary. Fill with gin. Put in a few drops of lemon, vanilla and pumpkin tincture. 

Bloody Mina

(from Bram Stoker’s Dracula)

Bloody Mina

2 parts vodka4 parts tomato juicedash, Tabascodash, Worcestershire saucesplash, dry sherrydollop, pumpkin chipotle salsasplashes lemon, lime, pickle, olive juicessplash, angostura bittersSPICES: crushed red pepper, caraway seed, paprika, onion powder, grain mustard, celery salt, black pepper, Szechuan peppercorn, chili powder, silver leafGARNISHES: pickle spear, garlic-stuffed olives, sprig fresh thyme, celeryCombine liquors, juices, salsas and spices in shaker with ice; shake vigorously and pour into glass. Garnish with garnishes (fashion celery into a crucifix). 

Adventurific Scientastic Sparkliciousness

(from The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure)


handful, fresh or frozen strawberriesIce1 part absinthe4 parts gin2 parts cherry herring2 parts orange liqueur1 part rose water4 parts orange juiceRhubarb bittersThrow all that stuff in blender; hit blend. Pour into glass of your choice and add tears to taste. Garnish with lemons on skewers to add big magical balloons. Weep more.

Lady Charmalade

(from The Lady Vanishes)

Lady Charmalade

2 parts gin1 part apple brandy1 part green chartreuse1 part sweetened lime juice2 parts soda waterdash, cherry bittersCombine and stir. Pour into glass and make it vanish into your gullet.

Fighting Irish Spring

(from Fight Club)

Fighting Irish Spring

2 tablespoons unflavored gelatin2 cups Irish cream½ cup milk1 bar white chocolate (optionally Hershey’s Cookies ‘n Cream)1 cup espresso vodka1 cup Irish whiskey½ cup green crème de mentheCrushed peppermint candiesPrepare gelatin as directed on package. Heat up cream, milk, and chocolate until fully combined, pour into bowl with gelatin and fold to combine. After that, add whiskey, crème de menthe and peppermints. Pour into soap bar molds or small rectangular containers and keep in fridge for 2-3 hours until solid.


(from Dolphin Tale)

1 part brandy1 part hazelnut liqueur2 parts persimmon juice1 part clementine juiceblackstrap bitters1 part egg whiteCombine and stir.

Dolphin of Mass Destruction

(from Day of the Dolphin)

Dolphin of Mass Destruction

GLASS:2 parts coconut rum1 part triple sec2 parts coconut watersplash, lemonorange bittersSHOT:1 part blueberry liqueur1 part Red Bull Blue EditionCombine shot and glass ingredients separately; drop shot into glass. 

Red Thunder

(from Black Lightning)

Red Thunder

1 part Eristoff Black vodka1 part blackberry brandy1 part Grand Marnier Titanium1 part cherry liqueur6 parts sparkling lemonadesplash, vanilla bark bittersCombine and stir. Garnish with lemon peel.

The One-Eyed Fish-Faced Sissipated Sniffle-Snaffle

(from Popeye: The Movie)

Popeye Drink

1 part pureed blanched spinach2 parts green apple juice2 parts pineapple juicesplash lemon3 parts extra-dry rum (e.g. Brugal)1 part triple sec1 part green chartreuseCombine and stir. Garnish with lemon peel. 

Ginger All the Way

(from Jingle All the Way)

2 parts spiced rum1 part vanilla vodka1 part ginger liqueurSplash, stout (e.g. Guinness)Gingerbread tincture: ginger, molasses, cloves, allspiceMake tincture by infusing spirit with aforementioned spices; Combine ingredients and drops of tincture (to taste); stir.

Deus ex Mathematica

(from Pi)


2 parts spiced rum1 part amarettodash, blackstrap bitterssplash, FrangelicoFOAM:vanilla vodkacaramelegg whitelemoncreamWhip foam ingredients until you achieve the desired consistency. Combine rum, amaretto, bitters and Frangelico and stir with ice. Top with foam (preferably in a golden spiral). Garnish with pecan bits.


(from Mothra vs. Godzilla)

GODZILLA:1 part sake1 part Midori2 parts pear juiceSplash, limeSplash absinthe MOTHRA:1 part sake2 parts coconut milk1 egg whiteDash, vanilla bourbon-cinnamon-citrus tincture*Splash, walnut liqueur

Combine respective ingredients and stir.

Typical Backstabbing Slut-Faced Ho-bag

(from Mean Girls)

Typical Backstabbing Slut-Faced Ho-bag

1 part extra dry rum1 part Limoncello2 parts South African white wine1 part pomegranate juicesplash, lemon, lime and honeycherry bittersstrawberries2 parts soda waterMuddle strawberries in shaker; add remaining ingredients. Shake vigorously in shaker with ice, and pour straight into wine glass. Add soda water and garnish with strawberries and lemon slice.

Lychee DiStiller

(from Ichi the Killer)

Lychee DiStiller

2 parts sake1 part lychee fruit juice2 parts vanilla coconut milk1 part ginger liqueurSplash, St. GermainBlood orange juiceCombine all ingredients except blood orange juice in shaker; stirFloat blood orange juice on top and garnish with blood orange wheel.

Brandy T-Rex Anger

(from The Dinosaur Project)

Brandy T-rex Anger

1 part French brandy1 part amaretto2 parts banana-date puree4 parts coconut milkDash, bourbon-vanilla tinctureDash, nutmegCombine 1 whole banana and handful of dates in a food processor; pureeCombine ingredients in shaker, and pour straight into martini glass. Garnish with nutmeg and rubber dinosaur.

Foul-Mouth Angel-Face

(from Love Story)

Foul-Mouth Angel-Face

1 part Campari1 part grapefruit-infused vodka3 parts red wine3 parts red apple juiceSplash, simple syrupDash, blood orange bittersCombine and shake vigorously. Pour into wine glass straight.

The Bad Guy

(from Falling Down)

The Bad Guy

6oz bourbon4 tbsp honey1 crushed cinnamon stick6 clove leavesdash, nutmegblack coffeevanilla foam (vanilla coconut milk, egg white, lemon juice, hazelnut liqueur, vanilla extract)Heat bourbon and spices on a low heat to prevent evaporation of the alcohol; pour in mug, add black coffee. Top with foam and sprinkle with nutmeg.

Houston in the Blind

(from Gravity)

Houston in the Blind

9 parts high-gravity ale
1 part spiced rum
1 part cinnamon liqueur (e.g. Goldschlager)
1 part orange liqueur
splash, cranberry-vanilla syrup*
pinch, Tang*To make syrup: Heat a few tablespoons of sugar, vanilla extract and cranberry juice in a saucepan.

Down with the Cygnus

(from The Black Hole)

Down with the Cygnus

In a mixing glass or shaker, combine:3 parts Johnny Walker Black
1 part blackcurrant liqueur
splash, Sambuca Romana Black
splash, Noval Black tawny portAdd ice and stir. Pour straight up and top with blackberry-mint foam.To make blackberry-mint foam, combine1 part blackberry brandy
1 part lemon juice
1 part orange juice
1 part simple syrup
1 part egg whites
fresh mint leaves
chopped fresh blackberriesFinish with a dash of blackstrap bitters and garnish with a black cherry.

Irish Wolfshark

(from The Secret of Kells)

Irish Wolfshark

2 parts Irish Mist
3 parts mead
1 part Cointreau
4 parts whole-leaf lemongrass tea (add cloves and orange zest to leaf mix and steep)
Splash, taffel (i.e. clear akvavit)
Dash, black walnut bittersSteep tea in hot water with added ingredients for 8-10 minutes; add remaining ingredients and stir. Garnish with orange slices.


(from Time Bandits)

Thyme Hole

1 bunch, thyme
1 part brandy
3 parts gin
Splash, ouzo (a Greek aperitif; any anise-flavored herbal liqueur will work as a substitute)
2 parts yellow apple juice
Honey-lemon syrup (combine honey and lemon in bowl)Distress thyme by clapping it between your palms; set in shaker with remaining ingredients and ice, shaking vigorously. Pour into pilsner glass and garnish with thyme stalks shaped around the rim.

Come and Get It

(from The Magic Christian)

Come and Get It

6 parts brandy
1 part ginger liqueur
splash, lemon juice
grilled pepper/pineapple syrup**TO MAKE SYRUP: Cut fresh pineapple and yellow bell pepper into slices and grill them on a grill pan to release their flavor. Run them through a juicer, then cook in a saucepan over a medium heat (adding 2-3 heaping tbsp of sugar) until reduced into a syrup.Combine into a shaker over ice and pour straight into a martini glass. Garnish with bell pepper slice, grilled pineapple slice and pineapple leaves.

Griffin’s Watchtower

(from The Watcher)

Griffin's Watchtower

2 parts Irish whiskey
1 part applejack
1 part apple juice
1 part limoncello
2 parts cranberry juice
1 tsp brown sugar
Dash, black walnut bitters
Dash, vanilla tincture

Combine ingredients in shaker with ice and shake vigorously. Pour straight into Glencairn whiskey glass and serve.

Midnight Star

(from Silverado)

Midnight Star

Our Mexican-themed drink for Silverado, named after Linda Hunt’s saloon in the film, is a triple-threat drink sequence of mezcal (brought to you by official sponsor Ilegal Mezcal), a citrus-habanero sangrita, and a nice cerveza to wash it down.

1 part pineapple juice
1 part orange juice
1 part lime juice
1 part aloe water
¼ tsp habanero, pulverized
Silver leaf, edible

Ilegal Mezcal Anejo

Mexican cerveza  of your choice

Combine sangrita ingredients into shaker (deseed and grind habanero in mortar and pestle) and shake vigorously; pour into glass. Drink a sip of that smooth mezcal, then sip the sangrita, then finish it off with your cool beer.


(from Bicentennial Man)


This whiskey-based drink transforms some humble thyme into something entirely different, echoing Robin Williams’ transformation in the film from robot to human. Instead of aging this whiskey in oak, we decide to throw in some fruity citrus flavors to represent some of the wackier costume and production design in this futuristic tale.

3 parts white whiskey (infuse with orange and raspberry)
1 part amaretto
1 part dry vermouth
Fresh thyme leaves

1) Pour white whiskey into infusion jar along with fresh raspberries and orange slices. The more this infuses, the more flavor you get, so steep for at least 1-3 days.

2) To make the thyme-ice, pulverize fresh thyme leaves in a mortar and pestle (or bash with whatever you have available) and steep in hot water for several minutes. Pour that water into an ice tray or mold and freeze.

3) Pour amaretto, whiskey and vermouth in desired glass with thyme ice; stir to combine.

Champion of Justice

(from Fish Story)

Champion of Justice

For such a deliberately weird movie, we came up with a appropriately weird drink – mixing gin, sake, and tequila in a surprisingly tasty combination, with some refreshing citrus flavors to cut through the strength of the alcohol. Serve with an orange wedge for maximum justice.1 part gin
1 part sake
1 part jalapeno-infused tequila
1 part orange liqueur
1 part blood orange juice
splash, lemon juice
dash, rhubarb bittersCombine in a shaker with ice; serve straight up.

Flawless Victory

(from Mortal Kombat)

Flawless Victory

This tomato-y, citrusy, spicy cocktail has all the smoke and kick of your average day in Outworld. Think of it like a Bloody Mary made from the blood of your enemies, and also a demon or two. 1 part smoky scotch (e.g. Islay scotches like Laphroaig)
1 part gold tequila
3 parts tomato juice
splash, lemon juice
black pepper, red chili flakes, paprika1) Muddle radishes in shaker; add ice and remaining ingredients and shake.
2) Combine pepper, paprika and chili flakes on plate and apply to rim of glass.
3) Pour cocktail into glass; enjoy.

Wings of an Angel

(from Wing Commander)

Wings of an Angel

For this interstellar Star Wars-meets-Top Gun adventure, we decided to make a rum-based drink (as per naval tradition) that you can drink in the ship’s bar between missions. The green honeydew, cucumbers and lime add some light, refreshing elements to it (while also evoking the look of a green laser beam), grounded by the more robust elements of the triple sec and the cilantro.

2 parts silver Barbados rum (infused with green honeydew melon)
1 part triple sec
cilantro leaf
splash, lime juice

1) Muddle cucumber and cilantro in shaker.
2) Add rum, triple sec and lime juice in shaker with ice; shake vigorously.
3) Strain into Collins glass with ice; garnish with cucumber slice, sprig of cilantro and lime slice.

Rusty Pyramid

(from Silent Hill)

Rusty Pyramid

This play on the Rusty Nail gives us a suitably nightmarish accompaniment to this atmospheric horror film. We replaced the Drambuie with Irish Mist, added some smoky and sweet flavors with the hickory and apple, and rounded it out with citrus and cinnamon flavors to make a palatable drink not even Pyramid Head could refuse – provided he could drink through that giant helmet of his.

2 parts scotch
2 parts Irish Mist
3 parts apple juice
1 drop liquid hickory
Splash, lemon
Splash, orange
Pinch, ground cinnamon

Fill a glass with ice; add ingredients and stir.

Jack Flack’s Flak Jacket

(from Cloak and Dagger)

Jack Flack's Flak Jacket

Combining a kid’s chocolate milk with the kind of stiff drink a Jack Flack-esque superspy would consume, this beverage also throws in some old fashioned San Antonio flavors befitting its Texan setting.1 part Jagermeister
2 parts rye whiskey
1 part amaretto
5 parts chocolate milk
dash, blackstrap bitters

Combine in a rocks glass with ice; stir. Garnish with banana slices and maraschino cherry.

The Other Castle

(from Super Mario Bros. The Movie)

The Other Castle

Super Mario Bros. The Movie‘s underground setting gave us the inspiration for this martini variant, with mushrooms, bell peppers and other earthly flavors. We also threw in some citrus in there for some much-needed lightness and sweetness, but be warned; this is a very dry martini.1 white mushroom, sliced
1 slice each of green and yellow bell pepper
3-4 fresh basil leaves
1 part akvavit
1 part limoncello
splash, lemon juice
6 parts vodka1) Muddle mushroom, bell peppers, and basil till broken down (add the akvavit to help provide some lubrication).
2) Add remaining ingredients and ice in shaker; stir to combine.
3) Pour straight into martini glass (we didn’t, but you can feel free to run drink through a fine mesh strainer to get out the muddled vegetables) and garnish with mushrooms.

The Chaunce-tant Gardener

(from Being There)

Chaunce-tant Gardener

Since Being There is a gardener’s tale, we chose a suitably produce-heavy cocktail, with juiced cucumbers, celery and Golden Delicious apples to offer up some pleasant, aromatic flavors. The gin and green chartreuse act as a suitably WASP-y base for the upper-crust characters Chauncey encounters throughout the film, and the soda water and citrus gives it the nice bubbly lightness that you want most out of a summer drink.

3 parts gin
1 part green chartreuse
1 part triple sec
1 part honeydew-melon vodka
2 parts Golden Delicious apple juice
1 part cucumber
1 part celery juice
1 part sweetened lime juice
2 parts soda water

1) Juice the apples, cucumber and celery.
2) Combine in a Collins glass with ice; top with the soda water.
3) Garnish with slices of apple, cucumber and celery; serve.

Tonight’s “Special”

(from The LEGO Movie)

Tonight's "Special"Lego Ice


We wanted to pick something suitably fruity, bubbly and all over the place, as befits this movie, so we decided to make a clear sangria with fruit juice cubes that add flavor as they melt. Also, we’ve had a LEGO brick ice mold for years, so we thought this the perfect time to use it! As the ice melts, the drink gets increasingly awesome until it becomes truly Special. (WARNING: Don’t use alcoholic drinks to repair strained relationships with your children – just play with Legos instead.)

1 part of Pisco grape brandy
1 part of Grand Marnier
9 parts sparkling white wine
LEGO ICE*: (Freeze these into a LEGO brick ice mold of your choice to make these colors; make about 8 ounces apiece to fill a whole silicon mold with one color)

*Red – Combine cherry and cranberry juice, splash of water
Orange – Orange juice
Yellow – Blended banana, freshly squeezed lemon juice, ½ lemons’ worth of zest
Purple – Combine blueberry and pomegranate juices, splash of water
Green – Freshly juiced cucumber (peel and all), finely diced fresh mint

1) Purchase an off-brand LEGO brick silicon ice mold; fill with desired liquids/colors and let freeze for several hours.
2) Fill a wide glass to the top with desired LEGO ice flavors.
3) Pour in Grand Marnier and Pisco, then fill to the brim with sparkling wine.